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Bypass wingwall to be replaced at WV-9

by Kate Shunney Cracks in concrete wingwalls discovered during construction of the Martinsburg Road overpass bridge have led contractors to begin removing the structures, which hold back fill dirt. Area Construction Engineer Ryan Arnold said the cracking was seen on the southbound bridge structure. “The cracking was not a safety[Read More…]

Paving and lane work will be going on around the county

The West Virginia Division of Highways has announced multiple paving or lane work projects around Morgan County that will affect traffic flow and drivers’ schedules. Work was set to begin along U.S. 522 in the area of Caperton Furnitureworks/ Gat Creek to add a turn lane for the factory. Traffic[Read More…]

Detour opens around bypass work at Fairfax Street

by Kate Shunney Construction of a bypass overpass in the area of Fairfax Street and Fairview Drive in Berkeley Springs will re-route traffic until next spring. A detour in that area opened on Friday, October 20 and remains in effect for the next several months. Motorists should pay special attention[Read More…]

Wilkes Street gets prepped for paving

by Trish Rudder Prep work on North Wilkes Street was being done last week to get ready for the street paving on Friday, May 19. The area to be paved from curb to curb on Wilkes is from Union to Legion streets. Paving will be done by the DOH contractor,[Read More…]

Bypass work closes Keystone Lane

A new access route to Keystone Lane, in Morgan County, began on Tuesday, February 15 in conjunction with the U.S. 522 Bypass project. Keystone Lane no longer has access from Martinsburg Road. Extensive excavation, culvert work and fill operations have been going on at that location for several weeks. West[Read More…]

State claims North Wilkes Street will be paved this year

by Trish Rudder Paving North Wilkes Street is on the West Virginia Division of Highways (DOH) to-do list for 2023. That’s what town and DOH officials are saying. Bath Town Recorder Susan Webster said she submitted a personal complaint to the DOH office in Charleston and was contacted by Todd[Read More…]

Bypass work will close Myers Road permanently next week

A well-used shortcut into Berkeley Springs will be closed to through traffic starting early next week. Highway contractors Trumbull Corporation told Morgan County emergency officials last week that they plan to close Myers Road permanently during the week of February 13 to facilitate the construction of the U.S. 522 Bypass.[Read More…]