Bypass wingwall to be replaced at WV-9

by Kate Shunney

Cracks in concrete wingwalls discovered during construction of the Martinsburg Road overpass bridge have led contractors to begin removing the structures, which hold back fill dirt.

Area Construction Engineer Ryan Arnold said the cracking was seen on the southbound bridge structure.

“The cracking was not a safety issue but could have been a long term durability issue. Out of an abundance of caution, these walls are being removed and will be replaced,” he said.

Arnold said removal of the walls “has no impact on the bridge beams.”

“These walls are in place to retain the backfill leading to the bridge,” he said.

Pennsylvania contractor Trumbull Corporation is building the 3.4-mile, four-lane bypass under a $59.8 million contract with the West Virginia Department of Transportation.

The overpass over Martinsburg road is one of three bridges in the project.


Contractors for the West Virginia Division of Highways have been demolishing part of an overpass structure that holds back fill at the Martinsburg Road overpass. Demolition was apparent last Thursday, November 30 as heavy equipment removed the concrete and pulled on rebar embedded in the structure.