Detour opens around bypass work at Fairfax Street

by Kate Shunney

Construction of a bypass overpass in the area of Fairfax Street and Fairview Drive in Berkeley Springs will re-route traffic until next spring. A detour in that area opened on Friday, October 20 and remains in effect for the next several months. Motorists should pay special attention in the area, as the detour involves several intersections with existing and new roads. Some signs are in place to help.

The West Virginia Division of Highways released information about the change in traffic flow on Wednesday, October 18. According to their press release, the detour will be in place 24 hours a day until the spring of 2024.

No further information was shared in the release.

The detour moves drivers off Fairfax Street in both directions.

Eastbound drivers leave Fairfax or Independence Street at the stop sign and drive north on a newly-paved detour road until they come to the intersection with Fairview Drive. Those who want to get back on eastbound Fairfax Street must turn right to reach it, and then left to proceed toward Martinsburg Road.

Westbound drivers must leave Fairfax Street and turn right onto a connector road. From there, they can turn right to go down Fairview Drive, or left to proceed on the detour.

Westbound Fairfax Street is closed off at this location for now.

Some “Road Closed” and “Detour” signs, along with new stop signs, are in place to direct traffic.

This area is a busy access route to Warm Springs Middle School, Warm Springs Intermediate School and Fairview Drive, including War Memorial Hospital.

The newly-paved detour road between points of Fairfax Street and Fairview Drive.

The detour is necessary to allow contractors to turn Fairfax Street into an overpass over the new four-lane U.S. 522 Bypass.