Wilkes Street gets prepped for paving

by Trish Rudder

Prep work on North Wilkes Street was being done last week to get ready for the street paving on Friday, May 19.

The area to be paved from curb to curb on Wilkes is from Union to Legion streets. Paving will be done by the DOH contractor, P&W Excavating.

Earlier discussions indicated paving would end at St. George Street, one block from Legion Street, but Legion Street was to be paved all along.

Town of Bath Councilman Rick Weber said on Friday there was a work order mix up that caused the miscommunication. A second work order from the DOH included Legion Street but was delayed in getting the corrected information out.

The DOH was working on Wilkes Street between St. George and Legion streets last Friday.
photo by Susan Webster

A letter to North Wilkes Street residents from Berkeley Springs Police Chief William Carper explained that the DOH will determine where on North Wilkes Street the paving will begin.

“Due to this, all vehicles should start being moved the evening/night of Thursday, May 18. Any vehicles remaining after 6 a.m. on the day of the project will be subject to removal at the owner’s expense. Placement of vehicles will be the responsibility of the owners during this project,” Chief Carper wrote.

Chief Carper also reminded the residents that Town of Bath ordinances prohibit some vehicles from parking on the street, such as:

–vehicles that are unregistered, sitting for sale

–vehicles sitting idle or being stored for more than 30 days

–vehicles being parked in the opposition direction of traffic flow or more than 18 inches out from the curb.

Town ordinances say violations of town rules about the above will result in fines: “Privately owned vehicles in violation of this section are subject to daily fines up to $75.00.”