County prepares to welcome state lawmakers

WV Legislature holds interim meetings at Cacapon

Morgan County’s business, tourism and elected officials are preparing to host West Virginia lawmakers early next week while legislators hold their regular interim committee meetings at Cacapon State Park November 13-15.

In between committee meetings and government business updates, lawmakers will be guided on tours of local businesses and cultural spots, hosted at evening dinners and receptions meant to showcase the county’s personality.

State lawmakers will arrive on Sunday, November 13 and be guided on a tour of the Morgan County Courthouse. More tours have been organized by Travel Berkeley Springs and the Chamber of Commerce to county businesses, community organizations and historical spots.

TBS President Stephanie Rebant has been coordinating with Chamber of Commerce members to sponsor events to welcome visiting legislators and give them a taste of Morgan County’s economy and hospitality.

Most of the events take place in the first half of the day, as interim committee meetings begin at 1 p.m. and will be held at Cacapon State Park’s conference meeting spaces. Evening receptions have also been organized for visiting legislators.

A full schedule of the legislative committee meetings is in this issue of The Morgan Messenger and can be found online at the West Virginia Legislature website here: West Virginia Legislature.