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Mountain Musings — Summer, a welcome sight

by Kate Evans “Summertime and the living is easy,” says the George Gershwin tune that’s sung in the 1935 “Porgy and Bess” opera.  That slow, gentle rhythm of the season starts to kick in just after Memorial Day weekend is over and schools let out for the summer. The summer[Read More…]

Mountain Musings: The New Year’s challenge

As the pandemic and the war in Ukraine continue along with famine, violence, discord, hate and intolerance and other ills of mankind, the big challenge for the 2023 New Year is staying positive while the world around us isn’t necessarily being that way. Winter often has gray, bleak days but[Read More…]

Mountain Musings: Christmas music magic

Christmas music magic It never fails each year that listening to Christmas songs from the past and present guides me to a place of treasured holiday memories and a renewed love for the season. We all know the feeling of dread that can accompany Christmas and New Year’s — decorations[Read More…]