Local paving projects could get $1.9 million boost from supplemental highway bill

On Thursday, May 30, Gov. Jim Justice signed Senate Bill 1002 giving the West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) $150 million in supplemental highway funding for paving projects throughout the Mountain State.

Gov. Justice asked the Legislature to approve the extra funding during the first special legislative session in May. The money is in addition to $190 received by the WVDOH in federal highway funds.

Morgan County could receive $1.9 million for paving projects, include the following:

–Potomac Road resurfacing for 4.16 miles ($715,000)

–Oakland/Morton Grove Road resurfacing for 3.16 miles ($553,000)

–Timber Ridge Road resurfacing for 2.64 miles ($462,000)

— Camp Run/Cherry Run Road resurfacing for 1.08 miles ($189,000).

The listing doesn’t specify when those projects will be completed.

Gov. Justice’s $2.8 billion Roads to Prosperity program and Secondary Roads Initiative combined to address decades of underinvestment in the Mountain State’s highway and bridge infrastructure and transform the state’s highway system.

“These projects will also reduce future maintenance costs in patching these roadways,” Pack said. “This will allow WVDOH maintenance forces to focus on other maintenance issues around the state.”

Since 2020, surplus budget appropriations have paved 3,812 miles of road above and beyond those paved with federal highway funds, say state officials.

In all, this year’s supplemental budget appropriation will pay for 499 paving projects on more than 973 miles of road that aren’t covered by federal highway funds.

With work continuing in all 55 counties across the state, the West Virginia Division of Highways and the West Virginia Department of Transportation remind the public of the importance of keeping everyone safe in work zones by keeping “Heads up; phones down!”