Opinion: Take the kids’ advice

It’s a darn good thing we have kids around to keep the right perspective on life. We grown-ups have a real knack for messing things up in the world, and need to be brought back to sense pretty regularly. Kids are good at that, if we listen to them.

You’re holding in your hands the most special issue of The Morgan Messenger for 2023. The front page may have given you a clue. It is our Christmas card to you, our readers. That other front page, with headline news, is on the back of the paper. Start there for news stories.

In between these front pages is the real good stuff – writing from local children on the matter of holidays and Christmas. Each year, we invite teachers to have their students write about the importance of this time of year. Some focus on the eternal hope for snow and sledding Others delve into their Christmas gift list.

Kids have shared their favorite family traditions, memories of good moments and even thoughts on the deeper meaning of the season. If you’ve ever spent much time with kids, you’ll know they drop nuggets of truth and wisdom on a regular basis. We think you’ll find some here.

As is our longtime Messenger tradition, there will be no weekly edition printed next Wednesday. We close our offices around Christmas to give our staff some down time with their families. Feel free to email us items and ads by December 29 and we’ll get them ready for the next issue of The Morgan Messenger — the January 3, 2024 edition.

2023 was a big year for our newspaper. We celebrated our 130th year in print. It was a chance to be grateful that we’re still here, and an opportunity to thank our community and business partners who support us. We truly do appreciate your business, your contributions and your loyalty.

As we turn the corner toward 2024, the staff of The Morgan Messenger wishes you and your families good health, bright spirits, warmth and a feeling of generosity toward your fellow human beings.

Be smart and take the advice of our local kids – grab some hot chocolate, make time to play and enjoy the special moments with friends and family. You’ll be glad you did.