Contractor in State Park violated water quality permit

by Trish Rudder

The contractor, W.F. Delauter that has been working in Berkeley Springs State Park on repairs to the Warm Springs Run rock wall was found to be in violation of the water quality permit.

Streetscape committee co-chair Pete Brown alerted the Bath Town Council at the November 21 meeting that Delauter will work with DOH to answer the violation.

Councilwoman Rebecca MacLeod who co-chairs the Streetscape committee, said the contractor disrupted the sediment in the Run when the dirt next to the stream was thrown back into the stream. The contractor did not have the proper safeguards in place, she said.

The sediment is harmful to the Run as it covers rock, which is a breeding ground to keep the stream healthy, MacLeod said.

MacLeod said she saw mud going down the stream. She took a turbidity test and found it was four times higher over the limit at the bridge on West Fairfax Street.

She said the contractor could have prevented this if the safeguards were in place.

Kate Lehman, president of the Warm Springs Watershed Association called the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and spoke with Keith Allison and saw the documents signed by Caitlin Crispino, also from the DEP.

The town is involved since it sponsors the Berkeley Springs State Park Foundation  project.