Karen Jo Young

Karen Jo Young

Karen Jo Young passed away on Saturday, October 14, 2023, at UMPC Western Maryland Hospital.

Karen considered herself a free spirit who loved horses. She enjoyed a good horror movie, and her favorite was Chuckie. She even had a Chuckie Doll displayed in her room for all to see. Karen loved to smoke her cigarettes, drink and dance on the dance floor to Mustang Sally. She always took every chance to enjoy a Little Debbie Cake.

Karen worked many jobs in her life. She was a housekeeper at Coolfont, a waitress at Midway Truck Stop, and her last job was at the Hancock Truck Stop.

Karen’s biggest contribution to life was giving birth to her three beautiful daughters. The oldest is Lisa Jo Bachert, Stacy Schultz is the middle child and the baby is Shelly Mellott.

Karen wants to be remembered for her carefree, rebellious attitude. Her best advice to her children was always to hold your head up and never let the world beat you down.

Karen was the daughter of Lester Lee Young (1917-1998) and Majorie Madora Henry Young (1922-1973). She is the granddaughter of the famous cook Arizona Ardella Henry (1900-2000). She has one brother named David Lee Young, who resides in Winchester, Virginia.

A small, private celebration of life will take place in January around her birthday.