Town of Bath has paving plans for next three years

by Trish Rudder

Town of Bath Public Works councilman, Rick Weber had a 10-year plan to pave or repair all the roads in the town of Bath.

Weber has served as a Bath council member for 10 years and he is not running for reelection.

The next three years of Weber’s project would include the following areas at a cost of about $52,000 each year:

FY 2023-24 that begins July 1 — pave or repair Green Street from Fairfax Street to Route 9.

FY 2024-25 that begins July 1, 2024 — pave or repair Green Street from Route 9 South to the end and Green Street from Fairfax to Independence Street.

FY 2025-26 that begins July 1, 2025 — pave or repair Mercer Street from Fairfax Street to Route 9.

Weber’s plan was captured in the March 7 council meeting minutes and he reiterated it in a discussion last week.

He said he did not write a letter to Mayor Scott Merki to remind him of this but the council is aware of his plan.

Town Recorder Susan Webster said on Monday that the council did not vote on the plan but nobody argued against it.

She said the newly elected council members will meet in July and that the mayor will appoint the committee heads, and it will be discussed by the council as it was done in the past.

There are nine town residents running for five council seats. Elizabeth Skinner is the only member running for reelection.