School board approves notice of $29.7 million budget for ’23-‘24

by Kate Evans

The Morgan County School Board authorized publication of the proposed 2023-2024 proposed budget for public inspection at their May 2 meeting.

School Treasurer Ann Bell will present the budget at the budget hearing that is planned for their May 16 meeting that is scheduled at 6 p.m. at the school board office.  The board is set to approve the budget later that evening after the public hearing.

Total budget estimated revenues and estimated expenditures and other financing uses for the general current expense fund are $29,792,775.

Special revenue fund estimated revenues and expenditures are $3,975,686.  Capital projects estimated revenues and expenditures are $375,000.

The federal stimulus and stabilization fund estimated revenue and expenditures and other financing uses are $2,685,000.


Estimated school expenditure categories include $16,440,872 for instruction; $3,148,237 for facilities operations and maintenance; $2,661,202 for student transportation; $1,744,723 for student support services; $1,716,181 for school administration; $1,429,740 for instructional staff; $521,135 for central services; and $378,982 for central administration.

$45,000 in community services goes to the Morgan County Public Library and the Paw Paw Public Library. Debt service is $334,330.

The Morgan County Schools budget involves state school and special levy funding along with state aid and other revenue.