Bath Police Department hires two officers

by Trish Rudder

Two “seasoned” police officers were hired and sworn in by Town of Bath Mayor Scott Merki, said Berkeley Springs Police Chief Bill Carper.

Ronald L. Gardner and Charles D. Hess joined the force on April 11.

Chief Carper, who was hired in early March has hit the ground running to get the department working “to have a presence,” he said recently.

Mayor Merki said in the April 18 council meeting the new officers are certified police officers.

“You (Carper) stepped up to the plate and you are taking care of what needs to be done,” Merki said.

Carper said he is “very excited” and the two new hires are “excited,” to be working for the town.

The department now has three part time police officers with Richard Cook, Gardner and Hess.

Former police officer Tony Link and administrative clerk Danielle Swope resigned from their positions with the town police department.