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County school board gives Superintendent Tuttle high marks

The Morgan County School Board issued a statement regarding their Tuesday, February 21  evaluation of Morgan County Schools Superintendent Kristen Tuttle.

The Morgan County Board of Education finished the required Superintendent Evaluation as required by March 1, 2023 by West Virginia Board of Education policy 5309 and West Virginia State Code.

The school board said that Superintendent Tuttle has met or exceeded the 2022-2023 goals as described in the Superintendent Evaluation Instrument and provided substantiating data to all board members on February 21, 2023.

“A Superintendent is graded and measured daily by the continual challenges facing the school district. Over the past year Superintendent Tuttle has effectively worked with families, community members and staff through challenges and struggles all the while staying focused and invested in the needs and interests of the students,” board members noted.

“Superintendent Tuttle has continually worked to create an organizational structure developed to build effective and engaging learning environments where students and staff stay motivated and eager for learning,” they added.

“The Board has found areas of success and areas of concern when reviewing the County’s reading and math benchmark data provided; however overall, the board is steadfast in the belief of the current strategies being implemented to aid in the areas of concern. In addition, the Board has been briefed on the upcoming strategies to address areas below the desired growth benchmark. Therefore, the Board anticipates a positive conversation and outcome for the upcoming contract renewal offer for Superintendent  Tuttle,” they said.

“Superintendent Tuttle’s open communication, safe school environments, and high academic expectations have been instrumental in re-engaging students and families to combat against the nationwide challenge
of ‘Chronic Absenteeism’. As families continue to re-engage in learning and recognize the safe and welcoming environment the district offers, we look forward to seeing positive results in the End Of Year (EOY) data,” the school board said.