State says Paw Paw sewer system improvement plans can move ahead toward funding

by Kate Evans

The West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council last week approved plans from the Town of Paw Paw to upgrade the public sewer system in town, and gave town officials the go-ahead to find funding for the $3.7 million project.

The original project to improve the wastewater treatment system and sewer lines was estimated to cost $2.58 million, but the project costs have risen to $3.7 million, said John Cole, RK&K Engineering municipal engineering manager, who is overseeing the project.

A recent change in the West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council funding will provide more money for Paw Paw to cover issues like availability of materials and the town’s shortage of funds for the project, Cole said.

State funding okay

A January 18 press release from West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council announced approval of the Town of Paw Paw plans for Wastewater Treatment Plant improvements,  estimated to cost $3.7 million.

The council funded four water system improvement projects and 12 water and sewer system projects, including the Paw Paw sewer system project.

Paw Paw sewer project

Phase 2 of the Paw Paw sewer system project that was approved is replacing or repairing the existing sewer lines on the southern end of town, said Cole.  Phase 2 design is in progress, he said.  Some of the pipe lines can’t be repaired and will have to be replaced, he noted.

Phase 1 included a completed study of the significant influx and infiltration (I & I) that is getting into the sewer system, Cole said.  They conducted a study to determine where the water flow/rain runoff is coming into the sewer pipe collection system. The influx and infiltration study determined the need for Phase 2.

Area of work

Paw Paw Town Clerk Ron Davis said that the southern end of town where the Phase 2 sewer pipe replacement/refurbishment work will take place is from the railroad tracks toward Berkeley Springs and includes the school, the library and the fire hall.  The northern end of Paw Paw is from the railroad tracks to the Liberty Store.

The Phase 1 work will be upgrading and improving the components of the wastewater pumping station and the lagoon, Davis said.  He said that he is anxious to get the project started.

Cole said that they will be advertising for bids this summer.  Project officials hope to be doing Phase 1 work on the wastewater treatment plant this summer and be beginning Phase 2 work on the sewer lines this fall.  Cole said that the project involves around 10 months of construction, with a project completion target of 2024.