Town trash pickup attracts vandals

by Trish Rudder At the August 16 Town of Bath council meeting, Councilman Rick Weber, who chairs the Public Works committee, said that it was discovered by the town trash collectors that “somebody turned a garbage bag upside down and tied it with a knot to mess with the trash pickup,” and all the trash spilled out onto the sidewalk from the open bottom of the bag when it was picked up. “Our guys work hard,” Mayor Scott Merki said angrily. “People are being very vicious to our trash guys.” “Somebody thought it would be fun to spill the bag when a trash guy picks it up.” “I’ve had enough of it – of people being disrespectful to the trash guys,” Merki said. Merki said during the Covid-19 pandemic, he worked on the trash truck picking up the trash bags. “It’s a nasty job,” he said. Instead of paying for their own trash pick up, Merki said that people are bringing their own trash and placing it on top of or next to the trash cans in town. He asked that if anyone sees that, that it be reported to the town.