WV buck firearms season opens Monday, Nov. 22

The state’s Buck Firearms season opens next Monday, November 22 across West Virginia, and remains open through Sunday, December 5. Archery season has been open since late September, but this will be the first opportunity for white tail hunters to take a buck with a rifle this year.

At the same time, West Virginia’s antlerless season will be open, meaning hunters can take either type of deer with a firearm for the two-week season. After the buck firearms season closes, hunters have another split antlerless season in selection counties for an additional eight days in December.

During West Virginia’s buck season, hunters with the proper licenses can take up to two antlered deer in Morgan County. One deer can be taken on a base license and those with an additional stamp can take a second buck.

A maximum of three antlerless deer may be taken during the concurrent season by resident landowners, those holding a base license along with an additional stamp for antlerless deer.

Archery and crossbow hunting are also open during the buck firearms season.

A hunter may harvest two deer on the same day, but only one antlered buck may be harvested on the same day.

Hunters must wear a blaze orange outer garment of at least 400 square inches during the firearms season.

Hunters must attach a field tag to a harvested deer showing their name, address and hunting license number. The tag remains on the animal until it is checked in with the DNR and a DNR-issued game tag number is assigned to it.

Deer should be checked electronically with the DNR online at, at a local hunting license agent or by calling 844-982-4325. Hunters must have their DNR ID number to check big game.

Hunters should make themselves familiar with West Virginia hunting regulations. They are available in paper form at local hunting license retailers and online at