Public water line replacement project delayed by supply issues

by Trish Rudder

The last of the Phase IV water line replacement project that was to begin on June 1, cannot start until the supplies arrive, Town of Bath Councilman Chris Chapman said in the June 7 council meeting.

Chapman heads up the town-owned water department committee, Berkeley Springs Water Works (BSWW).

The anticipated start was pushed back to the end of June, he said.

The water lines to be replaced are in the areas of Berryville, Johnson Mill Rd., Merrywoods Dr., and Cornelius Ave.

Finishing Phase 4 of the water line replacement project started moving forward with the approval of a Small Cities Block Grant of $1.5 million in December 2018. The BSWW had kept $500,000 in its Reserve and Replacement account to round out the $2 million estimated project cost.

But the Covid-19 pandemic interfered with moving the project forward and the lack of supplies has hampered the project’s completion.