Police looking for dirt bike rider

by Geoff Fox

Hancock Police are looking for a person who has been riding a dirt bike throughout town at all times of the day.

A post on social media brought the nuisance to light, noting the driver of the dirt bike is waking people up in the middle of the night. Comments on the post mention where they’ve seen the dirt bike around town.

Officer Shawn Faith of the Hancock Police said the police were notified last week, however, there have been no stops made.

“We are attempting to ID the subject or locate him, obviously,” Faith said.

Dirt bikes, he said, are illegal on the streets and roads unless they have proper headlights, turn signals, mirrors, and have registration and insured.

When the driver is eventually stopped, they would face a number of penalties such as traffic citations, and if the dirt bike is not properly registered, the bike could be impounded.

When asked if there is a specific place the dirt bike has been seen, Faith said it’s been seen all over town from Save-A-Lot all the way to Blue Goose. One comment on the social media post said the dirt bike had been seen on Interstate 70 before getting off at Exit 5.

The Hancock News has also witnessed the dirt bike as they were coming down Church Street, through the Hancock Rescue Squad’s parking lot, and onto the sidewalk before heading east on Main Street.

“It’s obviously an ongoing issue,” Faith said.

There had been an issue with dirt bikes in Hagerstown, but Faith said he doesn’t think it’s that issue here yet.

Faith said if you see the person riding the dirt bike in town, call 911 or use the anonymous tip line at 1-800-792-8501, ext. 3.