Pair arrested for vehicle theft scheme

A local man and his alleged accomplice have been charged in the theft of a vehicle from the Angus & Ale restaurant in Berkeley Springs last Friday.

According to Sheriff K.C. Bohrer, Matthew Bernstein, 37, has been charged with grand larceny and conspiracy to commit grand larceny and is incarcerated in the Eastern Regional Jail.

Police say that Bernstein approached a man in Berkeley Springs on Friday, September 17 asking for a ride to the Angus & Ale at the Best Stay hotel. The man gave Bernstein a ride. While eating a meal at the restaurant, the victim was approached by Bernstein and a female companion. Bernstein claimed he had left his keys in the victim’s car and asked to retrieve them. The victim told police he made the mistake of telling Bernstein that the vehicle was unlocked and the vehicle’s keys were under the seat. When the man finished his meal, he went to the parking lot and learned his vehicle had been stolen.

A purse left in the restaurant by Bernstein’s female companion contained information that led police to identify her as Catherine Acors.

Police were able to follow leads to an apartment complex in southern Morgan County where Bernstein’s mother confirmed that her son had stolen a car and had crashed it in Berkeley County.

Berkeley County deputies were advised about the incident and located the car and Bernstein on Back Creek Valley Road. Bernstein was arrested by deputies who also determined he is wanted as a fugitive from justice. Officers arrested Acors in Jefferson County late Monday.