New town well running, pumping more water than needed

by Geoff Fox

The town’s new second well is up and running but a pump at the well has already gone down.

Councilman Roland Lanehart, Jr. said the pump that usually goes down every couple months went down recently but has been replaced already.

Lanehart also told town officials a reducer had to be placed on the pump because they were pumping too much water.

The new well was pumping 700 gallons of water a minute when only 300 gallons a minute is needed.

Councilman David Kerns said when the pump was kicking on, it wasn’t running as fast as the head pressure was running. This caused the pump to burn up.

He said that is a good thing because it means the town has enough water.

When drilling by state standards, Lanehart said the town was made to drill deeper than needed and hit two aquifers, so the second well has double the water.

Mayor Town Smith did say the pumps were under warranty, but there haven’t been any issues with pumps until the town started using the pumps they have now.

Main Street sidewalk work

Lanehart said Public Works crews would be taking up areas of the sidewalk where the roots from the removed trees were located.

Once the crews get caught up with projects, people would start seeing the work begin on the sidewalk.