Families asked to remove items from Greenway graves to prep for mowing

The Town of Bath is preparing Greenway Cemetery for this year’s mowing season.

Families are asked to remove all temporary, ornamental items from the graves of their loved ones by April 2.

This includes faded flowers, arrangements for holidays such as Christmas, and damaged wreaths. As part of “Make It Shine”, children and adults will remove any items still lying on the ground of the grave sites. They will also remove debris and sticks.

“The children love tidying up the graves of their relatives,” said Skinner, from the town’s cemetery corporation.

The town is asking that only items that are permanently attached to the top of headstones be left in the cemetery. Decorations that are lying on the ground dramatically slow down mowing in Greenway. Items still on grave sites will be removed around April 12, when cleaning, mowing, and weeding will begin.

Since funding for Greenway Cemetery is very limited, crews need to be able to mow the grounds without a lot of delays, so they can mow as much of the cemetery as possible each week.

Questions may be addressed to Elizabeth Skinner, cemetery corporation president, at 304-258-7920 or by email at

“A neat cemetery shows respect to those buried in Greenway and to their families,” said Skinner. “We appreciate everyone cooperation.”