County Clerk’s office reopens after COVID-related closure

The Morgan County Clerk’s Office reopened on Tuesday after a three-day closure last week following a positive COVID test result for a front-office employee.

Morgan County Clerk’s office.

County Clerk Kim Nickles said that employee was not showing symptoms but got a COVID test because her husband had tested positive for the contagious respiratory disease. The Clerk’s Office employee had been vaccinated against COVID, said Nickles. Local Health Department officials advised the office close down to the general public. Employees continued answering phones and working in the office during regular business hours.

The entire staff got a COVID test on Monday, August 16 with all negative results. The office reopened on Tuesday. Employees will wear masks for the next week when interacting with the public.

Nickles shared an announcement about the office closure on social media, and noted in a comment that it was due to a COVID case. A sign on the County Clerk’s office door about the closure did not specify it is COVID-related.