Wolves youth football and cheer teams season cancelled

by Jamie Harris
Last week the Tri-County Youth Football League (TCYFL) voted to cancel the fall football and cheer season. One of the programs effected by the TCYFL decision is the Warm Springs Wolves Football and Cheer programs.
The Wolves program which features a number of youth football and cheerleaders from elementary to the middle school ages will now have to wait to see if something will be available in the spring.
The Wolves organization has been in existence for over 20 plus years and this will be the first time a fall season has been cancelled. “As a board we are devastated and frustrated. We fought hard to keep this season and implement every possible solution we could so the kids could play, but remain safe. But at the end we were just out voted. The lack of guidelines aided the TCYFL decision to cancel the 2020 season. We are looking at having something for youth football and cheer in the spring. We will have to coordinate and obviously compete with spring sports for numbers, but hopefully we can offer something where kids who love football and cheer can do both,” stated Wolves board member Glendy Rockwell.