Waugh sentenced to home confinement for role in fatal crash

by Trish Rudder

The Berkeley Springs driver who caused a fatal crash in early May 2019 was sentenced to home confinement for one year in Morgan County Circuit Court last Thursday.

Bryce G. Waugh, 18, had pled no contest to one count of negligent homicide, a misdemeanor, in Morgan County Circuit Court in January. He received his sentence from 23rd Circuit Judge Debra McLaughlin on February 20.

Waugh signed the agreement complying with the terms and conditions of home confinement that include wearing a monitoring device, reporting to his supervising officer weekly and providing proof of employment.

Waugh is prohibited from possessing, carrying or using firearms or lethal weapons of any kind.

Judge McLaughlin said no alcohol is allowed in the home. If anyone in the house violates the rule, home confinement will be terminated. She said the family must be on board with the home confinement rules.

Waugh’s girlfriend, Lexus Miller, 18, of Berkeley Springs, was the passenger in his truck at the time of the incident.

Waugh was heading south along U.S. 522 just south of the Hancock bridge when his truck drove into the northbound lane.

Charles Nutwell, 47, of Needmore, Pa. was hit head-on by Waugh’s truck as Nutwell travelled north on U.S. 522.

Miller was pronounced deceased at the accident scene and Nutwell died a day later from injuries sustained in the crash. Waugh was hospitalized with injuries from the crash.

Miller’s mother asked the court’s permission to visit Waugh during his home confinement, and Judge McLaughlin said last week she had no objection.

After the sentencing, Morgan County Prosecuting Attorney Dan James said Waugh received the appropriate sentence. Waugh has no criminal history and he was remorseful, James said.

He said both families were okay with the plea agreement. There was no alcohol or drugs involved in the accident, James said.

“It’s unfortunate what happened; two families lost a loved one,” he said.

The accident was investigated by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department, with assistance from the West Virginia State Police.