Tractor-trailers bang around in Hancock

A tractor-trailer attempting to turn around in the parking lot of The Hancock News and Maryland Eye Incident clipped the wires hanging overhead, bringing them down and disrupting electricity and cable services for a brief time.

by Geoff Fox

Last week was not a good week for tractor-trailer drivers in Hancock as two were involved in incidents in town.

The first involved two tractor-trailers at the intersection of U.S. Rt. 522 and High Street on Tuesday, June 29.

According to witnesses, northbound traffic on 522 and westbound High Street was stopped during the accident.

The crash was loud enough that people in the Save-A-Lot parking lot could hear it.

According to Officer Shawn Faith of the Hancock Police Department, a tractor-trailer had merged on to Rt. 522 in front of the other.

Both tractor-trailers were still on scene when officers arrived.

“It was not a hit-and-run,” Faith said in an email when asked about a Facebook post regarding the accident.

The other incident occurred along Pennsylvania Avenue in front of The Hancock News office when a tractor-trailer took down the wires hanging above the parking lot on Wednesday, June 30.

According to Washington County MD Fire Calls on Facebook, the incident caused “significant damage and keep [sic] on going.”

Faith said it was his understanding a truck tried to turn around and clipped the wires.