Paw Paw voters to pick mayor & council next Tuesday

Ballot proposes term changes

Paw Paw municipal election for mayor and all council members will be held next Tuesday, June 1. Registered voters inside the town limits will choose elected officials and decide a ballot question about the length of terms for each office.

Incumbent mayor Darlene Abe and challenger John Pritchard appear on the ballot for the position of Town Mayor.

Paw Paw Town Hall

Current Town Recorder Jeff Palmer, who was appointed to his seat, is seeking another full term in office.

Five council seats are up for election with three candidates appearing on the ballot. Angie Newlon, Earl Meyers Jr. and Sherry Rowzee are seeking the council posts. Two write-in slots appear on the ballot.

A referendum relating to term length is also before Paw Paw voters this election.

Voters will decide if they are in favor of changing the terms of office for Mayor and Recorder. Currently, both positions are elected to serve a two-year term.

The referendum proposes that the Town Recorder serve a four-year term, beginning in this election cycle.

It also proposes that, starting with the 2023 election, the Mayor would be elected to serve a four-year term. The referendum says whoever is elected mayor on June 1 would serve a two-year term as normal.

This change would allow for staggered terms – meaning that not all of the town officials would be up for election in the same year.

Early voting for Paw Paw town residents in the municipal election began last Wednesday, May 19 and continues through this Saturday, May 29.

Registered town voters can cast a ballot during regular business hours, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Town Hall.

For more information about the election, contact Town Hall at 304-947-7476.