Park pool, water pumps reopen

The Berkeley Springs pool in Berkeley Springs State Park opened on Saturday, May 30 for the summer season and remains open daily under new restrictions.

Young people were making full use of the Berkeley Springs pool on Monday, June 1. This is the first full week the pool will be open.

Pool users must have their temperature taken at the front gate and may not be admitted if they have a fever or report other symptoms of respiratory illness.

The pool is limited to 38 occupants at one time. Park staff have placed orange markers on the deck around the pool to show six foot increments of space. Pool users who are not members of the same household are asked to distance themselves from one another to limit contact between people. Pool hours are noon to 5 p.m. daily.

During the pool’s first weekend, occupancy limits resulted in a line of people waiting to be admitted to the pool, said a park employee.

Nearby, public water pumps have been reopened. People use the pumps to fill jugs for their personal and household use. The pumps were closed off with caution tape earlier this spring to reduce the spread of coronavirus.