Maryland election dates shift; Voters will have 9 days of early in-person voting

by Kate Shunney

Maryland voters will have nine days to cast in-person ballots at early voting centers throughout the state during the General Election cycle.

The Maryland Board of Elections voted on August 12 to set early voting days from Monday, October 26 through Monday, November 2, including Saturdays and Sundays, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

State officials said there will be approximately 80 vote centers open across Maryland for early voting.

Early voting centers will also be open on Election Day, November 3.

“As previously announced, Maryland residents are encouraged to cast a mail-in ballot in their year’s election as a public health precaution during the COVID-19 state of emergency,” state officials said in a press release.

Elections officials have said they will mail out applications for mail-in ballots to all state voters at the end of this month.

Registered voters can also request a mail-in ballot online by going to elections.maryland. gov.

Voters must request a mail-in ballot by October 20.

On Election Day, registered voters will be able to vote in person at one of approximately 350 vote centers across Maryland.

Voters can cast their ballot at any center in their county of residence, not just at their traditional designated polling place, said the State Board of Elections.

“While we encourage Marylanders to cast mail-in ballots, providing nine days of in-person voting gives Marylanders the opportunity to vote in-person if they wish to do so,” said Linda Lamone, Administrator of the Board of Elections.

In an effort to staff voting centers, state election officials are reminding citizens they can serve as election judges and earn a stipend of $300 for their service. Interested individuals can go to to learn more.

State employees can earn 16 hours of administrative leave if they choose to serve as election judges, the state has said.

“The Board is implementing a comprehensive public health plan with social distancing guidelines and personal protective equipment to safeguard election workers and voters at in-person voting locations,” Election officials said.