Free no-dig bedding workshop this Saturday

Wind Dance Farm & Earth Education Center will host a free farm/garden workshop this Saturday, June 13 at their farm south of Berkeley Springs.

The Wind Dance Biomimicry team, EcoDefenders, created a workshop series as part of a biomimicry design challenge concentrating on regenerative

Naomi Kesecker demonstrates the use of a broad fork.


“Regenerative agriculture, also known as carbon farming, is a system of farming principles and practices that enrich soil, increase biodiversity, provide greater crop yields improve watersheds, enhance ecosystem services, decrease carbon footprints, sequester carbon and help to heal the climate,” said organizers.

Event organizers will present their project and guide attendees in the creation of a no-dig lasagna garden bed and best practices for bed management in tune with carbon sequestration.

The session will run from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Attendees should bring masks, water bottles, a snack, garden gloves, and if desired, a hat. Social distancing will be honored. For more information call 304-258-0558.

The farm is located at 100 Wind Dance Trail in Berkeley Springs.