Courthouse open again to public traffic

by Kate Shunney

A woman has her temperature taken by a courthouse security officer on Monday, May 18.

Morgan County’s Courthouse on Monday, May 18 reopened its front doors to allow the public in to do business. There are restrictions in place about how many people can be in county offices, and the public must be screened as they enter the building.

At the front door, a member of the Sheriff’s Deputy Reserve asked three questions about possible illness and exposure to others with COVID-19 before using a contact-less thermometer to take each person’s temperature from a forehead reading. Security officers are also opening doors at entry and exit when possible.

Those coming into the building are asked if they have an appointment at one of the county offices. Chairs and benches are set up several feet apart in the central area of the first floor for those waiting to get into the Tax or Assessor’s Office, the County Clerk’s office or the County Commission office.

Tape on the floors, direct foot traffic around the security desk and block off the area in front of the desk where the public often lingered to talk before social distancing was in place.

The public is still being encouraged to use alternative ways to complete business at county offices, from mailing tax payments or forms to using the telephone or email to contact different offices.

On Monday, the public was permitted back in the Morgan County Courthouse. Security officers are conducting screening at the front door and directing people to offices where they have appointments.