Community leaders set up bus ride to give school officials a real-world feel for potential journey for students

by Geoff Fox

In an effort to convince the Washington County Board of Education to decide against closing Hancock’s middle-senior high school, Hancock MD Save Our School, and town leadership have invited members of the school board to embark on a school bus ride from the farthest Hancock student’s house to Clear Spring High School and a return trip to the student’s house.

The ride event is scheduled for this afternoon, Wednesday, April 7, starting at 3:30 p.m.

Along the route, there would also be simulated stops to reproduce what a usual bus ride would be for a Hancock student traveling to school in Clear Spring.

Amy Gillespie, Economic & Workforce Development Consultant for the Town of Hancock, said she is attempting to get the bus route used by the FEAC Committee in their decision-making process reporting.

The bus being used is a privately-owned bus that does not say Washington County School on it. The driver does drive for WCPS, though.

Only committee members, press, Washington County Commissioners, Board of Education members, and town government members are going on the ride.

“We will strictly follow COVID safety precautions, etc.,” Gillespie said.

So far, three members of the Board of Education have responded they are not available.

However, Commissioner Wayne Keefer is attending the event. Commissioner Randy Wagner has also responded to the invite, however he will be out of town but did give his support to Hancock.

“Be assured you still have my continued support,” Wagner told Gillespie in his response.

The bus will be leaving Town Hall at 3:30 p.m.