Chip Shots

by Jim Buzzerd

Getting down to it

The Mid-American conference has decided to not play football this fall. The original sentence included the Big 10 as a second FBS conference that has cancelled football this fall. Monday media types were Tweeting that the Big 10 presidents were ready to cancel the season or postpone it until spring. As of Monday evening, no such decision has been made, so the first sentence has been revised.
One is left to wonder if the Big 10 let this snippet of information out just to see if others may follow suit. If that was the intention it may have backfired. Coaches at several Big 10 institutions, including Penn State, Iowa and Nebraska wasted little time to let it be known they might look at other options in order to play this fall. Will this be enough to alter the lean of the presidents? We’ll know soon enough, because reports came out late Monday saying the presidents were to reconvene Monday night via conference call.
“We’re a proud member of the Big Ten,” Nebraska coach Scott Frost said during a Zoom teleconference with reporters. “We want to play a Big Ten schedule. I think the only reason we would look at any other options is if for some reason the Big Ten wasn’t playing and only a handful of teams from the Big Ten wanted to continue playing. I think if that’s the case, I think we’re prepared to look at any and all options.”
The SEC is planning to play football this fall. Last week the Big 12 decided to play a nine-game conference schedule with one out of conference game. The Big 12 still hasn’t announced the conference schedule which is expected to look a little different than the original schedule. It’s thought the revised schedule will have more open dates to allow to make up possible postponed games.
The West Virginia University Football Team began practice on Monday amid all the noise that the season is in jeopardy. Head coach Neal Brown is looking forward to the season. “The most fun I have had professionally over the last few months has been today and during our walk-throughs where we have been able to get on the field and we interact. You are trying to get people better. You are teaching and seeing people get better. You see guys and their demeanors have changed. They have something to look forward to. That has been the best time,” Brown said.
“Our team wants to play. Our coaches want to coach. That is important for that to be out there. Obviously, a lot of our guys were a part of the (#WeWantToPlay) movement last night and how incredible that was. I stayed up way later than I usually do, or wanted to, just because I was moved by not only our players, but by players across college football, using their voice and using it in a positive manner,” Brown added.