Bath changes election calendar

by Trish Rudder

The Town of Bath adopted a new municipal election calendar at the December 15 council meeting.

The council unanimously passed the second reading of special ordinance 2020-12-01 that amended Chapter 26 of the town’s Municipal Code.

The candidate filing period now runs from April 1-12 (all election years) and the deadline to withdraw as a candidate is the last Friday in April.

Town of Bath municipal building

The last municipal election cycle was in 2019. The candidate filing period then was January 14-January 26 and the deadline for candidates to withdraw was March 19.

The first day of early voting is now the last Saturday of May, the end of early voting is the first Saturday of June, and election day is the second Tuesday of June.

Town clerk Sharron Corrick said the Town of Paw Paw also uses a condensed election calendar and it is good for smaller towns.