School News

Widmyer Elementary gets nearly $4 million for HVAC project

by Kate Evans

Morgan County Schools will receive $3,924,284 in additional West Virginia School Building Authority funding for replacement of all Widmyer Elementary heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units.

The Morgan County Schools NEEDS project submitted last fall to the West Virginia School Building Authority included the Widmyer HVAC units replacement project and also the Berkeley Springs High School cafeteria HVAC units replacements.

The school system was awarded $367,100 in December for the high school cafeteria HVAC replacements, but did not receive funding then for the Widmyer Elementary HVAC unit replacements.

Governor Jim Justice, School Building Authority chairman,  announced on April 10 that nearly $150 million in additional SBA funds would go to 18 school projects. In December some $111 million in SBA funds were awarded to school-based projects, bringing the funding total this year for school projects to $261 million.

The combined Widmyer and Berkeley Springs High School cafeteria HVAC NEEDS projects were estimated to cost over $4 million with the school board contributing $400,000 as a local share.

At the April 16 meeting school board meeting, School Superintendent Kristen Tuttle was excited and grateful for  the additional School Building Authority funding of the Widmyer HVAC portion of their NEEDS project. They had submitted the Widmyer HVAC project twice and it was really needed, she noted.

Tuttle said that the planning work will begin on the project soon and that the architects will be visiting Widmyer Elementary.  She didn’t expect the work to begin until next spring or summer with the timing of the funding award and the bidding process.

Tuttle reminded the school board of the $400,000 local match for both projects — $360,000 for the Widmyer HVAC project and $40,000 for the Berkeley Springs High School cafeteria HVAC project.