Water quality violation from State Park work still being settled

by Trish Rudder

A meeting in Romney was held last Thursday, April 11 to discuss the problem caused in the Berkeley Spring State Park Warm Springs Run last fall when the contractor disrupted the sediment by throwing dirt back in the stream.

A fish kill in Warm Springs Run resulted from the incident and alerted local officials to a problem.

Town of Bath Councilwoman Rebecca MacLeod had said sediment is harmful to the run and the contractor did not have the proper safeguards in place.

She said the meeting was attended by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) inspector; Daniel Watts of Division of Highways (DOH) office in Burlington; Town Mayor Scott Merki and Town Streetscape Committee Co-Chair Pete Brown, who oversaw the project for the town since the town sponsored the project, and MacLeod.

MacLeod said no decision was made during the meeting. A final consent order will include the fine fee and who will pay it.

DOH was responsible for the bidding and administrating the oversight of the contractor W.F. Delauter, who was awarded the bid.

The upgrades included mortar repair of the rock walls in the run, a new bridge and new sidewalks.