Paw Paw woman charged in conspiracy to bribe jail employee to deliver drugs

A Paw Paw woman has been charged with multiple felonies after delivering drugs and cash as part of a scheme to get drugs into the Eastern Regional Jail.

Tabatha N. Lewis, 38, was arrested on March 7 shortly after 10 p.m. at the Berkeley Springs Sheetz by Senior Trooper B.A. Meyers of the West Virginia State Police.

Trp. Meyers, assisted by other State Police officers and Deputy B. Knotts of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department, assisted with an investigative operation aimed at an incarcerated individual who was coordinating delivery of drugs into the regional jail.

In a criminal complaint filed in Morgan County Magistrate Court, Trp. Meyers reported that Lewis completed delivery of $500 cash and a clear plastic-wrapped package containing Suboxone strips, multiple suspected controlled substance pills of various colors and a brown hard substance. Lewis delivered the items to an undercover West Virginia State Police investigator at the convenience store location.

Lewis was put in restraints and taken to Trp. Meyers’ vehicle for further questioning. Officers found that Lewis had been asked by an individual in Hampshire County to deliver the money and drugs for her. Lewis’ driver’s license had been revoked for unpaid citations, police found.

Trooper Meyers reported that an incarcerated inmate, Dylan Moyers, was trying to smuggle controlled substances into the Eastern Regional Jail by bribing a corrections employee to bring them into the jail.

“The money and controlled substances that Ms. Lewis delivered were intended for an employee of the State of WV Corrections,” the complaint said.

A field test of the pills indicated they were 2C, a psychedelic, Schedule I drug. The brown substance tested positive as heroin.

According to police, Lewis knew she was transporting the drugs and money for a Hampshire County woman, and in exchange Lewis was able to get high on heroin less than an hour before she made the delivery at Sheetz.

Lewis allegedly admitted to police that it was unusual to deliver money and drugs to an individual and get nothing in return.

Lewis was charged with misdemeanor DUI, bribery of a public official, conspiracy to bribe a public official, conspiracy to transport a controlled substance into a correctional facility, delivery of heroin, conspiracy to deliver heroin, delivery of Suboxone, conspiracy to deliver Suboxone, delivery of 2C and conspiracy to deliver 2C.

She is incarcerated at the Eastern Regional Jail in lieu of a $75,000 bond awaiting a hearing in her case.