Mother taken into custody and children safe after search

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Department assisted with the location of a mother and two sons involved in a parental kidnapping case last week.

Sheriff K.C. Bohrer said grandparents here contacted his office with concerns. The local residents told police they didn’t know where their two grandchildren were but thought they had been with their non-custodial parent.

The children were last seen by the grandparents in Paw Paw in August with their mother, Amy Schulte.

Deputies here released photos of Schulte and the boys, entered their information in the national criminal database and fed vehicle information to license plate readers. That’s how Schulte was found and taken into custody in Lee County, Florida, said Bohrer.

The two boys, age 10 and 4, were placed in emergency custody with the State of Florida on Saturday, September 23.

The West Virginia State Police and WV Fusion Center assisted with the investigation and Bohrer said the public also offered helpful information in the case.