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Fishing Derby held at Cacapon Resort State Park

Winners of the Fishing Derby, by category, were: Front row, left to right: Age six and under: Oaklyn Younker (missing from picture) first in weight and length 19.75″ and 2 lb. 11 oz., Tiger Musky; Brently Mellott, runner up in weight and tied for most fish (two trout) 2 lb. 2 oz.; Nora Henry runner up in length 16″ trout and Blaine Platter, tied for most fish caught at two. Middle row: Age seven-nine: Collin Kelly 6″ 2 oz; Sunfish; age group 10-12: Brady Poole, most caught (two trout) Addison and Paige Waugh first place in weight and length 2.2 lb. and 17.75 oz. trout; age group 13-14: Jeremiah Clark for most fish caught ( six sunfish); Layton Winneberger, first in length and weight 16″ trout and weight 8 oz.; Alaina Kesecker, runner up 11.5″ and 7 oz. trout and DNR Officer Bradley Robertson.
Ridge Fish Hatchery stocked the lake on Saturday, May 20 for the Fishing Derby. The event was in collaboration with Cacapon Resort State Park, Ridge Fish Hatchery and the Berkeley Springs High School Team. The event had a great turn out with 53 participants and 112 total people for the day.