School News

School building and grounds, athletic committees share progress

by Kate Evans

Both the Morgan County Schools buildings and grounds and the athletics committee met in March to discuss the progress of various projects and possible new projects, according to their meeting minutes.

Buildings and grounds

Morgan County Schools Maintenance Director Jeromy Duelley reported on the concession stand at the Berkeley Springs High School football field.

The two gravel lot buildings have been relocated.  The batting cage is now finished.

Other high school progress

A senior softball player asked CNB about a new scoreboard at the softball field, Duelley said.  Duelley showed the committee a picture of what the scoreboard may look like. The project has no time frame established yet.

The goal posts at Berkeley Springs High School need to be replaced.  Duelley said he’d bring quotes to their next meeting.

Duelley said that the roof project for the high school vocational building (Building D) came in under budget.  The project was presented to the school board for approval.

Duelley and Tim Zeigler told the committee that there is a need to add storage buildings at the football field and possibly at the track. They asked permission to seek bids for two storage buildings and a new concession stand building.  The committee decided seeking bids for these buildings should be placed on the next school board meeting agenda.

The committee also agreed that the press box needs to be replaced and asked to seek bids to replace the press box on the next board meeting agenda.

Director Duelley and Zeigler said that they’re working on getting the cost of replacing the HVAC unit for the high school cafeteria in Building A.  They plan to bring quotes to the next buildings and grounds committee meeting.

Warm Springs Middle School

Duelley said that the outdoor fitness equipment at Warm Springs Middle School has been installed. He also said that the middle school gymnasium floor will be sanded and repainted starting on June 12.

Widmyer Elementary

Duelley updated committee members on the progress of the safe schools entry at Widmyer Elementary.

Widmyer Elementary Principal Rhett Beckman asked what the committee thought about installing a purple star around their flagpole.  The committee agreed to it.

Warm Springs Intermediate

Warm Springs Intermediate School Principal Rebecca Huber noted that the Berkeley Springs High School Agricultural Education class helped repair the school’s high tunnel.  Huber asked the group to look into installing a gate for their front entrance.

Paw Paw Schools

Paw Paw Schools Principal Melinda Kasekamp asked the buildings and grounds committee about installing a shotput pit in the front yard. Duelley said he’s working on getting quotes from professional landscapers for the project.

Duelley updated members on the progress of the long jump runway.  Superintendent Kristen Tuttle noted at the April 18 school board meeting that the long jump runway at Paw Paw High School had been completed.

Athletics committee

Maintenance Director Jeromy Duelley reported that the Warm Springs Middle School gymnasium  floor will be sanded and repainted beginning on June 12.  Duelley said that the Paw Paw High School and Berkeley Springs High School floors will be screened and recoated on June 15 and June 16.

The committee went over the results of a coaches’ salary survey that was sent to coaches after the committee’s last meeting. Committee members also discussed uniform rotations and equipment upgrades processes.

Paw Paw High School

Paw Paw Schools Principal Melinda Kasekamp and Athletic Director William Taylor reported that Paw Paw High School has the highest number of track participants ever.  The high school is also going to have a baseball team.