Companies donate to Morgan County Homeless Coalition center

Morgan County Homeless Coalition recently received two business donations to go toward the renovation and opening of their year-round shelter.

Masonite Doors answered the Morgan County Homeless Coalition’s request for 12 fire retardant doors for the shelter. Masonite is located in Winchester and started with 7 employees and has grown to 117 employees who make doors for over 192 Lowes companies along the East Coast.

First Energy donated $10,000 to support the Homeless Coalition in their mission to provide shelter to individuals and families who are homeless.

Pictured, from left, are Mark Colie, Vice President, MCHC; Alison Byrne Peck, Treasurer; Thomas Butcher, First Energy and Dick Voorhaar, President, MCHC Board. Not pictured is Terri Bliziotes, Development Coordinator.

The Homeless Coalition has seen an increase in the number of older individuals who have lost a spouse and a second income – who lose the ability to pay bills and living expenses.  There are some younger families who are struggling to make ends meet and either get laid off from work or fail to meet their financial commitments.

Currently, the Morgan County Homeless Coalition assists people by sheltering them in a local hotel and working to find resources to move into a more stable and sustainable living situation.  The cold weather shelter spends about $25,000per year to help people from December 1 through February 28.

This year, the Morgan County Homeless Coalition has extended its efforts a little longer since the cold has been harsh since Thanksgiving 2022.

Pictured from left is Christopher Anderson, Director of Quality and Gary Meeks, Plant Manager.