Garage blaze spreads into woods, tops Warm Springs Ridge

A blaze that destroyed a garage along Cold Run Valley Road west of Berkeley Springs has been pushed by high winds into the woods and spread over the top of Warm Springs Ridge.

Dozens of fire units from as far away as Fayetteville, Pa. have joined the effort to contain the fire, which was creeping east down Warm Springs Ridge toward Widmyer Elementary School, which sits at the valley floor. Flames were visible from along U.S. 522 as darkness set in today, Friday, February 3. Additional fire units from around the region were still responding to the scene at 8 p.m., hours after the blaze began.

Flames of a woods fire visible on Warm Springs Ridge. photo by Zachary Sipe


At 5:30 p.m. on Friday, February 3, the garage on Paradise Lane was fully engulfed. Smoke was visible rising above Warm Springs Ridge at that time.

Fire and rescue units staged along Cold Run Valley Road, and also in front of Widmyer Elementary, but access to the ridge line above it is difficult for firefighters, as no roads lead directly to the area.

Some fire sources said school buses were going to be moved away from the county’s bus garage next to Widmyer Elementary as a precaution. Firefighters were still actively fighting to knock down the fire at 9 p.m.

Garage fire on February 3. photo by Andy Stotler
A fully engulfed garage fire, February 3. photo by Andy Stotler
Garage fire, February 3. photo by Andy Stotler
Garage fire, February 3. photo by Andy Stotler