School News

School buildings and grounds, athletic committees discuss facility upgrades & needs

by Kate Evans

The Morgan County Schools buildings and grounds committee met at their September 28 meeting and discussed a number of projects, including building a new batting cage at Berkeley Springs High School, according to their minutes.

Coach Scott Hessler said he’d worked with CNB and Close Insurance, who will be partnering to contribute $7,500 for this project.  The committee is looking at the precise location for the batting cage.

The committee also discussed the status of the new scoreboard for the Berkeley Springs High School football field.  Maintenance Director Jeromy Duelley updated the buildings and grounds committee on the new vinyl graphics that have been placed on all the entrances at schools.

Middle school

Warm Springs Middle School Principal Jamie Harris briefed the committee about the need for a greenhouse at the middle school.  Harris wanted to plan more for where it should be installed and who would be in charge.

Principal Harris also discussed having the school mascot and school name placed on the building.  He was asked to get some quotes and design layouts for the next meeting.  Harris also asked about updating the office window.  Duelley said he would get a quote.

Widmyer Elementary

Director Jeromy Duelley updated the committee on the safe schools project for Widmyer Elementary and the new sign for the school on Route 522.  Principal Rhett Beckman asked them to consider removing the old storage building and building a new one. Duelley and Tim Zeigler will pursue getting a quote.

Intermediate school

Warm Springs Intermediate School Principal Rebecca Huber said that the school needed to provide water to the intermediate school high tunnel.  Huber has worked with some people on this project.  The committee asked her to come back with more concrete numbers and plans.

Huber also discussed her intercom system issues.  Technology Director Tom Shade said he’s waiting for other quotes for fixing or replacing the intercom system.

Athletics committee

The Morgan County Schools Athletics Committee also met on September 28 and discussed sports updates and various projects.  Maintenance Director Jeromy Duelley noted WVSSAC updates regarding home-school athletes.  The committee was also reminded of fundraising procedures.

Duelley addressed the possibility of updating coaches’ salaries, according to their minutes. The committee will talk more about this at their November meeting. Duelley and Tim Zeigler discussed the progress of the new Berkeley Springs High School scoreboard.

Berkeley Springs High School

Berkeley Springs High School athletic director Dave Mundey told the committee that all fall sports were up and running with higher numbers of participants than last year.

Mundey said that the boosters raised around $10,000 with Miss Indian.  Four new trophy cases have been installed in the high school gym.

Mundey reported that the track by Widmyer Elementary will need some maintenance.  He was asked to bring some quotes for the work back to the next committee meeting.

Paw Paw High School

Paw Paw High School athletic director William Taylor said that fall sports are going really well.    Paw Paw Schools Principal Melinda Kasekamp said that their cross country team is doing really well.  Girls’ volleyball is going really well too, Taylor noted.

Taylor said that there would be a junior varsity boys’ basketball team at Paw Paw Schools this winter.

Middle school

Warm Springs Middle School Principal Jamie Harris told the athletics committee that fall sports are going well.  The girls’ cross country team is doing very well and the first season of middle school golf was successful.

Harris discussed the middle school girls’/boys’wrestling teams and said they needed to hire an assistant middle school cheerleading coach as they had 20-24 girls participating.  The committee agreed to hire an assistant cheerleading coach.


Morgan County Schools Transportation Director Tammy Painter advised the committee that requests for buses can’t be made until all afternoon bus routes are completed.

The new van has been delivered, Painter said.  The committee is going to research whether paying parents mileage when they transport three or more athletes to sports contests is possible.