Our Opinion: A chance to see how it works

County residents have a unique chance coming up to see how West Virginia government works at the state level. Members of the state Legislature will come to Cacapon State Park on Sunday, November 13 for three days of committee meetings. These interim meetings are set each year for lawmakers to carry on their work outside the usual 60-day legislative session. Hosting the meetings here in Morgan County is a great opportunity for residents to attend committee meetings without the 5-hour drive to Charleston.

The interims are also a chance for citizens to see our local elected representatives in action. Morgan County’s two members of the House of Delegates – Del. Ken Reed and Del. George Miller — and our two State Senators – Sen. Charles Trump and Sen. Craig Blair – all sit on the committees that will meet out at the state park conference rooms.

In this issue of The Morgan Messenger, we have listed the full interim meeting schedule as it stood at press time. Agenda topics so far include energy, jail costs, maternal health, management of public lands, state education goals, school safety, DHHR reform and police & fire pensions. Check out the listing.

We strongly urge local residents with an interest in these topics, or in state government in general, to attend at least one committee meeting while state legislators are in Morgan County. Go to several if you can fit it in your schedule. The meetings cover important topics, and it’s vitally important that elected lawmakers see citizens tuned in to government. After all, the decisions our elected officials make, the money they spend, the policies they set all have an impact on the public good. Legislators will be here doing the public’s business, and it never hurts to remind them who they’re working for.