Bath water line replacement project will take months to finish

by Trish Rudder

About 10% of the work on the Phase IV Town of Bath Water line replacement project has been done as of August 28.

Councilman Chris Chapman, who chairs the Berkeley Springs Water Works (BSWW) committee, said the anticipated project finish date is February 27 because the project is done is phases.

He said the new lines have to be set, tested and treated before the lines are operational.

“It’s a stop and start project,” Chapman said at the September 20 council meeting.

“Please be patient,” he said.

BSWW manager, Ron Jainniney said Monday the process involves chlorinating the pipes, opening the valves and filling the new lines up with water, and testing the water for bacteria content until samples are clear. Then the lines will be filled with safe water.

The area will be backfilled, “or better,” he said as the last step.

Jainniney said that the contractor is working in the areas of Merrywoods and Johnsons Mill Road. The other two areas are Berryville and then Cornelius Avenue, which will be done last.

There are still some issues with outstanding supplies that are on back order, Chapman said.