Trash pulled off the trail

by Trish Rudder

Two dozen volunteers helped with the clean up on the North Berkeley Rail Trail (NBRT) last Saturday, April 9, as part of the “Make It Shine” yearly event in the Town of Bath.

David O’Connell, who heads up Friends of the rail trail organization, said the volunteers collected 60 bags of trash, “an equal amount of large debris and about a dozen tires” on one-half mile of the trail from Jimstown Road to Howard Street.

“We also pulled out one truck bed liner,” O’Connell said. The liner was in the Warm Springs Run near the trail.

There were “lots of positive contributors; it was a good feeling day!” he said.

Trash-filled bags, large amounts of debris and tires were picked up on a section of the North Berkeley Rail Trail, as part of the “Make It Shine” event on April 9.