School mask mandate could be revisited by state, local school board

by Kate Evans

Morgan County Schools Superintendent Tuttle told school board members that COVID-19 cases were coming down, but there had been a little uptick in cases. Schools had five students positive for COVID-19, 43 students in quarantine and two staff members positive for the virus as of last Tuesday, November 16. County schools are closed this week for the Thanksgiving break.

Tuttle said they’re all tired of masks but that “our kids need to be in school and masks are helping with that.”

The state Department of Education may be making some changes regarding masking and quarantines, she noted.  The Health Department wants to see the schools keep the mask mandate.  There are concerns about a large spike in COVID-19 cases over the holidays.

School board president Aaron Close wants the board to have another face mask mandate discussion at their December 7 meeting — whether to keep it, change it or review it.  It’s been four months since the board’s last discussion of face masks.