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From the Desk of the Superintendent: Preparing for School 2022




Preparing for School 2022

by Morgan County Schools Superintendent Kristen Tuttle

On Tuesday, August 23 we will welcome our Morgan County students back into our buildings. We are very excited to return to a more normal year after the past two and a half years of pandemic related challenges. There are many exciting things happening in Morgan County Schools this year.

Morgan County administrators, teachers and staff have spent a great deal of time this summer participating in a variety of professional development, running successful summer programs and preparing for this upcoming school year. We have some new curriculums, new assessment tools and new intervention programs to help students achieve at higher levels.

Our staff will participate in Capturing Kids’ Hearts professional development this week. This training will better equip teachers to implement transformational processes focused on social-emotional wellbeing, relationship-driven school culture, and student connectedness.

Our goals this year include working in partnership with our families to refocus on the importance of school attendance and academic achievement. We will also be placing a large emphasis on school safety. We believe that focusing on these areas will help provide a school environment where our students can realize their full potential.

Parents and caregivers can help students prepare for the return to school in several ways. Make sure they get to bed at a decent hour and are on the bus or at school on time. Remove technology from the bedroom so students can get a good night of sleep so that they are rested for school. Give students responsibilities at home so they know how to meet expectations of adults at school. Teach them that teachers and school staff deserve respect and make sure they see and hear you practice this. Teach them to be kind to everyone. We try to teach these skills at school, but we also need parents to reinforce these skills at home.

We do what we do each and every day because we care about every student that walks through our doors. Morgan County is blessed with a talented and caring staff that are committed to doing what it takes to provide a high-quality school experience for EVERY CHILD EVERY DAY. However, we cannot do it alone. We have overcome many challenges as a school community the past few years and this demonstrates our resiliency and commitment to our students. We need our families to support their children and our staff in our shared journey to raise responsible, independent, and prepared citizens.

Similar to all businesses, the school system is short staffed in a few positions and is still in need of day-to-day substitutes. Please be patient with us as these shortages cause others to have to pick up additional responsibilities. If you’d like to become a part of our Morgan County Schools’ team, we still have a few job opportunities available. Our website at has more information.

Together we can make this school year the best one yet!