Earl Franklin Yost Earl 

An Unforgettable Man

Earl Franklin Yost Earl 

Franklin “Pap” Yost, age 88, of Berkeley Springs, peacefully passed at his home, surrounded by his loved ones on November 19, 2021, at 1:05 a.m.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Peter Edison Yost and Bertie Sweetie (Zimbrow) Yost; brothers, Edward, Charles, Harry, Dick, Marvin and Ercel (Leroy); wife, Betty Jane (Seal) Yost and sons, Ronald, Larry and Ricky Yost.

He is survived by his only sister, Polly (Yost) Shackelford; his children, Tina, Timothy, Kevin, Jeffrey and wife Sarah (Pillion) Yost, many beloved grandchildren, nieces and nephews and countless friends including long-time neighbors; Melvin and Bernadine Unger.

Pap was a son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, cousin, uncle, co-worker and good friend to many.

He was a plumber, electrician, delivery man, carpenter, repair man, business owner and expert in many trades. A self-educated genius who could fix anything and helped so many in the community. He handed down to his children his knowledge, common-sense and know how, work ethic and honesty.

He was the foundation of his family, as his wife Betty, was the heart. He was loving, wise, strong, gentle, hard-working and a hero to his family. Pap enjoyed the simple things; tinkering in his garage, sunshine, his water jug, having faith, solving a problem, eating a ripe tomato, working firewood, milk on his pie, his old truck, bacon and eggs, long johns, a skillet of fried potatoes or gravy, a cup of coffee, snack cakes, plowing snow, just a little salt, old country and bluegrass, a chew of tobacco, mowing grass, working his puzzle books, helping others, old westerns, a good cuss word, feeding his birds, his lazy cats and watching cars coming down the hill. He tolerated most things, was rarely in a bad mood or worried. He did not like commercials, telemarketers, bad drivers, the cold, being late, a fuss being made over him and people who lie and hurt others.

Although Pap had a very-limited education, he quoted a poem which he learned in the second grade, about the seasons of life.

“Come little leaves said the wind one day. Come over the meadows with me and play; Put on your dresses of red and gold, For summer is past and the days grow cold.” (George Cooper)

Pap had over 350 beautiful seasons, with his last week of life being a happy one. He took his walks and worked at projects all week. He sang in the kitchen as he fixed his breakfast, he talked to his cats as he watched his westerns, spent time outdoors and with his family. He loved his life. He loved his home. He especially loved his family. He was the epitome of an unforgettable man. He will be forever missed and always remembered and loved.

“Honk Your Horn for Pap”

On December 4th, we want to honor Pap with a drive-by “Honk Your Horn for Pap.” Anyone who knew Pap, knew he loved sitting in his favorite chair, in the sunshine, at his garage door and waving hello. So, if you are driving past Pap’s house anytime on December 4th, “honk your horn and give Pap one last wave” as those waves and horn honks made him happy.

“Final Services will be private.”