School News

County students will get free school meals through summer 2025

by Kate Evans
The Morgan County School Board approved continuation of enrollment in the Community Eligibility Program (CEP) to
provide all students with free breakfast and lunch effective through June 30, 2025.

Child Nutrition Director Angie Beddow said that the Community Eligibility Program began in 2013. Their enrollment was
locked in for four years and they don’t want to go back to doing it year to year. Beddow noted that Berkeley County was going to have to go back and bill students after two years. It was a lot of work running applications for free and reduced meals, she said. There are so many pluses to continuing the free meal program.

“It’s not a good idea to ever go back,” Beddow stressed.

Other actions
The board approved the bid extension for milk for the 2022-2023 child nutrition program to Potomac Farms Dairy. Beddow
said that Potomac Farms was the only bid they received.

The board also approved the bid extension for produce for the 2022-2023 child nutrition program to Kilmer’s Farm Market.
The school board adopted the State of West Virginia Deferred Retirement Plan operated by the State Treasurer’s Office effective July 1 for the use of Morgan County Schools employees.

The board approved reinstating a pre-kindergarten collaborative classroom at Little Learners Village on Fairfax Street for the 2022-2023 school year. Elementary Education Director Kandy Pentoney said that there’s a class of pre-kindergarten kids that need some supports. A classroom at Widmyer Elementary with smaller numbers will lose 10 pre-K seats. Little Learners
Village on Fairfax Street will make up those 10 seats.

Widmyer entry project
The Morgan County School Board approved seeking bids for the safe school entry project at Widmyer Elementary at their May 17 meeting. A cost estimate for the project from Williamson Shriver Architects totaled $93,987 and included renovations to the office area and entrance and lighting and sprinkler modifications. The project is expected to take
place this summer.

School board president Aaron Close said that the speculative cost estimate from the architect had been revised and that they were reworking the traffic in front of the entrance.

Widmyer Elementary Principal Rhett Beckman and their LSIC had requested the project for a number of years. School board member Eric Lyda said that Widmyer wanted the project so badly. Lyda is stepping down from the board but said he hoped that the rest of the school board will see the project through.